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Export and Production Republican Unitary Enterprise "Bellesexport" of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus was founded in 1995. It has been well-established in the European timber market since 1997.

Major tasks of the enterprise are to promote sales of the domestic timber products in the foreign markets, to render services in foreign trade activity, to conclude export contracts, to maintain public relations.

The main service, rendered by our company, is brokerage activity in the export of timber.

The suppliers of timber through UE "Bellesexport" are enterprises and organizations of forestry sector (forestry eneterprises) and other organizations with which we work under commission agreements.

We offer the following timber products:

  • Pulpwood of coniferous and deciduous species
  • Saw logs of soft-leaved species
  • Wood raw material of soft-leaved species
  • Edged and rough sawn timber (boards, squared beams) of coniferous and deciduous species, custom drying
  • Sawn timber for packaging of coniferous and deciduous species, custom drying
  • Circular-shaped timber products, wood stakes
  • Split firewood of coniferous and deciduous species
  • Wood fuel granules (pellets)
  • Wood fuel briquettes
  • Wood chips for board production and fuel (all wood species)
  • Other forest products

We will be happy to receive your offers, as well as to provide you with all necessary information.

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